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8731653966_b72e16b9b7_oThis is my blog detailing the Victorian Valhallas of our ancestors and forebears.  I’ve long been interested in the Victorian attitude to death and how in many ways, it dictated their attitude to life.  Certainly from my family history, my Great Grandmother was one of twelve, four children surviving to adulthood.

My grandmother was one of eight and only two survived.  Death was far more common place back then, so much so that when death happens now, it seems to be more of a catastrophic event that shatters everything you’ve known up until that point.  That’s not to say it wasn’t before, but in days gone by it was far more expected considering the likes of Tuberculosis and Cholera were around, with no public healthcare system or knowledge of diseases.

I started this blog in response to my interest in the great Victorian London cemeteries, more on that can be found on the ‘About’ page.  I,  alongside Christina Owen will post various bits and pieces about trips to (but not always exclusively) these places and their history, and residents.  I encourage you to share your own comments and views on the subject, and hope you’ll enjoy reading.

Sheldon K. Goodman

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