Kensal Green in the Middle of Winter

by Christina

Sheldon and I visited Kensal Green Cemetery in January 2013, on a grey day after a rainstorm. I wore inappropriate shoes. It was muddy and dark and I had with me an old (circa 2005) analogue Canon 35mm camera and a roll of black & white film. I started snapping away while Sheldon taught me about what the different imagery used on different gravestones represents (I’ll let him save that for another blog entry) and together we stepped in many muddy puddles, and it was very cold.

Weeks later, when I got the photos developed, most of them were sludgy and dark and out of focus. I was disappointed but Sheldon pointed out that they looked exactly like the atmosphere of the place on the day we were there, as well as the atmosphere we were trying to capture – old and Victorian and morose.






– Christina

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