Cemetery Club Podcast 1: Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

Our first podcast looks at the little known life of the only woodland in zone 2…

Sheldon at Tower Hamlets
Sheldon at Tower Hamlets

One of the things me and Christina have discussed is to try various platforms to reach out to our (happily) growing audience. Our recent visit to Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park was a perfect opportunity to explore this idea, and as we were due to record what general manager Ken Greenway was to say anyway, we quickly agreed to turn the audio into a podcast as a regular post could only contain a certain amount of information.

This expands on what Ken touched on in my post last week – things such as his frustration at how easy programmes like ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ seem to make researching family history, to the use of a managed woodland in the middle of zone 2 for the benefits of the local community. I’ve split the audio into two parts – the second part will be posted next week and deals with the ecology and value of the park to nature and youth of Tower Hamlets. Here, for your pleasure, is Ken from Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park conversing with me and Christina about a hidden gem not only of Tower Hamlets, but London in general.

It lasts roughly eighteen minutes: please share and enjoy.

Tower Hamlets August 2013
Tower Hamlets August 2013

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  1. […] He was once part of one of the Edwardian Era’s most celebrated couples. A them-days  Brad and Angelina. Now however, his grave and memory, like her two other husbands is lost in a sea of greying marble and granite, indistinguishable from its neighbours in the only woodland in Zone 2. […]

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