Photo Blog – Memorials Wot I Have Seen

by Christina

Sheldon said something really nice to me the other day. He said that my photographs have heart and warmth. I found this funny given my recent abundance of photographs of monuments and memorials and graveyards. I kind of agree with him though. Here are a small selection of photographs on a Cemetery Club theme.


Ivy creeping over the engraving on a headstone at Nunhead Cemetery – March 2013

Shoreditch High StreetGirls looking at an informal ‘Love Lock’ memorial outside Shoreditch High Street station, London, September 2012

blossom at west norwoodIn Bloom at West Norwood Cemetery, London, May 2013

GracelandThe gates of Graceland, Memphis Tennessee, April 2012. Memorials written in chalk all over the stone entryway.

All photographs by Christina Owen


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