The London Month of the Dead 2014

by Sheldon


© Stephen Roberts 2013

October! Traditionally the month of ghosts and ghouls, as the veil between the living and the dead becomes that little bit thinner. Naturally cemeteries around this time take on a slightly more spectral appearance as the weather shifts from summer into Autumn: the very trees themselves becoming skeletal as the leaves drop slowly from their branches.


October this year also happens to be the inaugural London Month of the Dead and we here at Cemetery Club not only fully approve of it, but endorse it too. It explores the capital’s relationship with its deceased inhabitants as well as supporting Kensal Green and Brompton Cemeteries. It’s running a number of events at various places across the city, featuring events such as a private view of the Museum of London’s bone archive (18th October & 1st November), a seance in Kensal Green Chapel (26th October) and exploring what happens to our legacy once we’ve gone in ‘The World Without Us‘ (26th October).

Hendricks Gin will also be serving several special Death cocktails at a number of events, from the delicious ‘Wet Grave’ to ‘Highgate High Tea’. Slurp!

For more information and events, have a look at the official website!


About SheldonKGoodman

I'm Sheldon, a City of Westminster guide with a passion for exploring the environment around us. I have an extensive and deep interest in cemeteries and the people buried within them: it's a fascinating story and mix of characters who have all contributed to the world of today. Writing for, I hope to bring some of these people and places back to life and reveal their achievements, interests and lives.
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