Orators and Entertainers

by Sheldon

I’m pleased to say that another Cemetery Club tour is happening!


On Saturday 13th December, I warmly invite you to join me for ‘Orators and Entertainers: the Hidden Story of Abney Park Cemetery’!

Following on from the hugely successful Tower Hamlets walk I led, the nice people of Abney Park have invited me to guide you around what was, upon its opening in 1840, the world’s first cemetery-cum-arboreteum. It carried on the mantle as the ‘campo santo for dissenters‘ (which was originally held by Bunhill Fields, until it reached capacity) and was the de facto place for burial for non conformists, Salvationists, even Catholics and Jews. It was here that burial space was provided for one and all, regardless of creed or class, which was a first for Europe.

This tour will be happening as part of the Cemetery’s Winter Fun Day with other events including singing and woodworking. Please bring a warm coat and wellies! The tour begins at 12:30pm at the main gate, and tickets cost £10/£8 concession, with 20% going to Abney Park itself.

Click the image below for tickets and see you then!



About SheldonKGoodman

I'm Sheldon, a City of Westminster guide with a passion for exploring the environment around us. I have an extensive and deep interest in cemeteries and the people buried within them: it's a fascinating story and mix of characters who have all contributed to the world of today. Writing for www.cemeteryclub.co.uk, I hope to bring some of these people and places back to life and reveal their achievements, interests and lives.
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