We Shall Meet Again

by Sheldon

Abney Ghosts by Stephen

The exact circumstances of when and how it was decided that me and Christina decided to walk around Graveyards to me at least, is lost to time.

It was after out third or fourth visit to Brompton Cemetery – what made us single out Cemeteries specifically I can’t remember but we both found them fascinating- that Christina said we should do something with our interest. Write a blog. The people buried in graveyards up and down the land. How different each one is. And was. An idea I was initially hesitant about but then with encouragement from her, We pushed ahead and our first post, walking around Kensal Green – started three years of Cemetery Jaunts.

Although we no longer worked together, the blog kept us in touch and together we created something that is, I think, an amazing love letter to these places.

Christina still talks
Christina guiding at the grave of Wilkie Collins in Kensal Green

We’ve covered all manner of things from The Horror of Bethnal Green, the life of Montague Fowler, Forbidden Love and tales of bloodsuckers. From a blog that got 5 or so hits a day to a number nearly 100 times that now, I’m proud of the role we’ve had in promoting history, heritage and people. We’ve branched out into tours, the media and radio. Neither of us saw that one coming.

Times change however and both of us ended up wanting different things from the project. It is then, with a great deal of sadness, that we say goodbye to Christina as a contributor to this blog.

Christina Nunhead
You’re looking the wrong way! St Paul’s is over there!

Christina has worked amazingly hard here, perhaps not receiving the recognition that she deserves. In any case, she’s starting afresh with Rainbow Roadtrip, where she’ll write about Photography, clouds and Gin. Lots of Gin.

As for things here at Cemetery Club – we’ll continue – we welcome submissions for blog posts (this is a Club, after all) and all manner of grave goodies, so please get in touch if you have a story you want to share or a person you’ve found information out about. Thank you readers for your support so far and I look forward to showing you some spectacular things in the coming weeks and months.

And particularly, thank YOU, Christina.



5 thoughts on “We Shall Meet Again

  1. There’s a grave at St Andrews church, Tarring, in Worthing Sussex. It’s the grave of a young soldier from WW1. I would love to know how he came to be back in Sussex; did his family go over to France ?
    I’d love to know

    1. It depends when he died, Ian – the government put a very swift halt to the bringing back of the dead. A war was on, it wasn’t feasible to bring every single victim back. By its end, most were buried close to where they fell.

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