Top 5 Blog Posts of 2016

This year we’ve been traipsing amongst the stones finding some of the hidden lives and wonders you’ll find in a Cemetery and other spaces.

If you missed them, here are our top 5 posts from 2016!

1. Exploring Hyde Park’s Hidden Pet Cemetery 


© Caroline Swan, 2015

Did you know that Hyde Park has a little Cemetery, solely inhabited by our feline and canine companions? It all started in 1881 when Cherry, the family pooch of the Lewis Barned family, passed away – they happened to be friendly with Mr Winbridge, the gatekeeper of  Victoria Gate Lodge, who let them bury the Dog in his back garden. Soon, royalty were burying their familiars there.

2. The Pirate’s Graveyard

The Bad Cook High Res Copyrighted

Deep in Cromarty, Scotland, is the Churchyard of St. Regulus. Unusually, almost every grave and tomb has a skull and crossbones on them. The last resting place of the Urquhart clan chiefs; have a stroll around this beautiful hidden gem north of the border.

3. The Train’s Don’t Stop Here Anymore:- A New Dead Space In South London

Birkbeck Station

We won’t be meeting here any time soon. © Christina Owen 2016

Sometimes stations on the London transport network get decommissioned, through lack of use, being too near another stop, or for economy. The Strand, Aldwych and Down Street are some of these unfortunate hubs. This year, before Southern Rail went fully bonkers, they more or less added another station to the roster of the dead – Birkbeck, in South London.

4. The Artists of Chiswick Old Cemetery


© Sheldon K. Goodman, 2016

A stroll from Stamford Brook tube station ended up finishing in Richmond that day – anyway! A riverside God’s Acre where William Hogarth, James Whistler and a garden ornament-cum-headstone by Edward Bainbridge Copnall, reside, like an artist’s green room of death.

5. The Wolf’s Water


© Sheldon K. Goodman, 2016

London. The Aldgate Pump. 1875. Whatever you do, DON’T drink the water that comes from the mouth of the Wolf. Sure, it looks pristine, but courtesy of the eternal residents of Hampstead and Highgate Cemeteries, it will leave more than a bad taste in your mouth…

Thanks for reading – see you in 2017! 


About SheldonKGoodman

I'm Sheldon, a City of Westminster guide who has a love of all things Cemetery! Co-founding the Cemetery Club in May 2014, it's my ambition to challenge the perception of Cemeteries are mournful places but to champion them as museums of people and libraries of the dead. I also co-lead the official Pride in London tour and do guided walks for Open Garden Square Weekend.
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One Response to Top 5 Blog Posts of 2016

  1. I hate to tell you this but trains are running through Birkbeck station again whenever Southern trains aren’t on strike. Enjoyed all of these posts!

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