The Tomb of Santa Claus

“Only the very young or very unsophisticated maintain the surviving faith in the legend of Santa Claus.” So was written in the Derry Journal on Friday 22nd December 1933. Santa Claus, as I’m sure everyone is aware, is a hybrid of different folklores and popularised by the iconic (and frankly, bloody annoying) advert Coca Cola trot […]

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Parliament’s Postie

Imagine being at the heart of communication in one of the most important buildings in the world! It’s 1903 and in his private office in Buckingham Palace, King Edward VII sits in his chair, pouring over a list of names. Making notes beside each one, the roll of names before him has been given Royal […]

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Master-fully Done, Part 1

The e-mail notification came through and I took a deep breath. My course mates and I had been badgering our lecturer for a week or so to get this information and finally, it had arrived. Navigating my way to the university’s submission portal; I clicked refresh and there it was. My first piece of submitted […]

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Ooh Lumme, It’s Pettigrew & A Mummy!

Most teenagers today play around on Snapchat for entertainment. When Thomas Pettigrew was this age in the 1800’s, he dissected corpses. This week’s life in focus is one of those instances where the gravestone above ground doesn’t really do justice to the bloke several feet beneath it. Thomas Pettigrew had a varied and interesting life: […]

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