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Standing On the Shoulders of Giants

How often have you heard Isaac Newton being called a bitch? Imagine being at the forefront of scientific discovery, in an age where Kings help extinguish fires. Where your best mate is helping you rebuild the City of London. Chatting … Continue reading

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Meet the (Real) Eastenders

by Sheldon This Saturday, let us take you on  trip back in time (without a TARDIS, sadly) to the East-End. This isn’t the East End of coffee shops, vintage stores and cereal cafes. This is the East End where war … Continue reading

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T.V Spot: Cemetery Club on Inside Out This Monday 

by Sheldon Great excitement indeed – ready your Sky boxes, iPlayers and what have you, as Monday 26th September sees myself and the fabulous Miss Sam Perrin walk through the graveyards of Kent and Sussex, showing presenter Natalie Graham some … Continue reading

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Shuffle Festival 2016

by Sheldon Death usually depresses the hell out of people and 2016 seems to be doing a good enough job of that already – from the loss of icon after icon and Brexit; this year is one to be remembered. But … Continue reading

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The Life and Loves of a Victorian Clerk

By Sheldon The City of London is known for many things. For centuries it has been the epicentre of trade, commerce and finance. To consider that events such as the Great Fire of London happened here are remembered largely due … Continue reading

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Your Digital Legacy

by Sheldon Although a third of British adults (32%) think about dying and death at least once a week, 72% of the public believe that people in Britain are uncomfortable discussing dying, death and bereavement. Hopefully, this statistic will be … Continue reading

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Ghostsigns, Gravestones, and the Painted History on our Walls

Today’s post is contributed by Sam Roberts, who runs Sam’s aim is to create a permanent record of ghostsigns around the world as they are a unique record of commercial, craft and advertising history. I originally wanted to write a post … Continue reading

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