A Victorian Clerk Goes Walkies

In 1846, a young man travelled from the Richmond Buildings in Soho to Bromley Parish church to have a ‘look about the town and afterwards the churchyard, and took down a few inscriptions most remarkable‘. The man in question was a diarist called Nathaniel Bryceson, a 19 year old clerk at Lea’s Coal Wharf, Pimlico. Bryceson […]

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Goose and Crow

by Stephen Almost as quickly as the trees had earned their green, must they now cast their leaves autumnal yellow. Indeed the end of October is upon us, and as contributor of today’s post it is my privilege to wish all of our readers a very Happy Halloween! With this special time of year comes […]

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by Sheldon I’ve often thought wistfully of my schooldays.  I think back to when I was a sixth former, writing endless essays on the Duchess of Malfi or Antony and Cleopatra. I can’t remember much about either, but one thing I do recall is how I loved to construct essays, salivating with relish at the […]

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Of Letters and Ruins

by Sheldon  My quest to discover the ‘true’ Norfolk Churches came when I had but a morning left to spend up in this tranquil part of our shores. The coach was due to leave Norwich at half past three that afternoon, so time was against me in visiting the choice of churches there are up […]

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In the Wilds of East Anglia

Christina is currently in Luxembourg hunting Elephants, so today’s post is by Sheldon, recounting a change in pace of life after a few days in Norfolk.   Once a year, I get the opportunity to operate my ‘reset’ button. Usually every second week in August, me and a few friends retire to a chalet on the North […]

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Things I Have Learned This Week.

by Christina August is notoriously slow, whatever your profession or whoever you are used to rubbing shoulders with. Everyone has gone on holiday, there is less traffic on the roads but more children flooding the parks and tourist attractions of the city and/or the country (I am lucky enough to reside somewhere exactly between the […]

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