The Cemetery Within a Cemetery

by Sheldon It’s the 1820’s and a deep sense of national pride is raging amongst the Greek people of the Ottoman Empire. Desperate to seek independence from a realm that had existed since the 1300’s, what started in 1814 as a conspiracy in Odessa (now modern day Ukraine) now had the backing of most of […]

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Cousins at Kensal and Camera Chaos

By Nick  I believe I was first introduced to you as, ‘The third silent member of Cemetery Club’ in Sheldon’s prior post Capturing the Moment. I am Nick, Sheldon’s cousin, graveyard lover, photography enthusiast and not so silent after all. I decided to make my debut post after some gentle persuasion by Sheldon, I was […]

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It Waits For You

by Sheldon “There is one place you must never go. One place in space and time you must never find yourself…my grave” The Doctor, ‘The Name of the Doctor’ As is customary in my own family, and in many others – every birthday of a deceased family member, the clan assembles on a mini-pilgrimage to […]

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The South Metropolitan Cemetery

by Sheldon As we scoured which Cemetery we should next visit on our checklist, there was one which immediately caught our attention. It boasted ‘the finest collection of sepulchral monuments in London‘ – such a claim deserved further investigation: so off we drove to West Norwood Cemetery in Lambeth, to see the second of the […]

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