The Christina Owen Interview

by Sheldon A few weeks back, Christina took the novel idea of approaching me to see what it was that made me so interested in death, remembrance and my interest in the lost worlds where greats such as Karl Marx or Vesta Tilley now remain. It’s a point I’d never considered before – we’re usually […]

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The Sheldon K. Goodman Interview

By Christina Hello readers. Today I thought I’d interview Cemetery Club co-founder and all-round wonderful chap Sheldon, so that you can all get to know a little more about him and what makes him tick. Turns out he’s an old fashioned sort who’s concerned about cholera and would love to break bread with Sir Christopher […]

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Of Letters and Ruins

by Sheldon  My quest to discover the ‘true’ Norfolk Churches came when I had but a morning left to spend up in this tranquil part of our shores. The coach was due to leave Norwich at half past three that afternoon, so time was against me in visiting the choice of churches there are up […]

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Patti Smith Soundbite

by Christina From time to time we’ll post clippings and extracts we’ve found that have nothing to do with our forays into Victorian graveyard life, but that are related to the point and premise of Cemetery Club. What follows is an extract from a recent Simon Hattenstone interview with Patti Smith, published in the Guardian […]

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