Back 2 Skool

Life update time. On this blog (and its subsequent social media presence) I always endeavour to do justice to the deceased that I find so interesting. To share their life stories in a respectful, entertaining way and to make cemeteries less threatening as spaces of learning and wonder. The blog turned six years old in […]

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Cousins at Kensal and Camera Chaos

By Nick  I believe I was first introduced to you as, ‘The third silent member of Cemetery Club’ in Sheldon’s prior post Capturing the Moment. I am Nick, Sheldon’s cousin, graveyard lover, photography enthusiast and not so silent after all. I decided to make my debut post after some gentle persuasion by Sheldon, I was […]

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Welcome, Reader!

This is my blog detailing the Victorian Valhallas of our ancestors and forebears.  I’ve long been interested in the Victorian attitude to death and how in many ways, it dictated their attitude to life.  Certainly from my family history, my Great Grandmother was one of twelve, four children surviving to adulthood. My grandmother was one of eight and only […]

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