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Ain’t It Grand To Be Bloomin’ Well Dead – Cemetery on Film

‘Some people there were praying for me soul I said, ‘It’s the first time I’ve been off the dole!’ Look at the mourners, bloomin’ well sozzled Ain’t it grand, to be bloomin’ well dead!’ One of the most striking things … Continue reading

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Movement, Migration and Place: Shuffle Festival 2015

by Sheldon Amongst the dappled shade of the only woodland in Zone 2 are once key-characters in the fabric of the East End. Beneath a pink granite monument is White Hat Willie, builder of Cutty Sark and on Millionaire’s Row … Continue reading

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Cousins at Kensal and Camera Chaos

By Nick  I believe I was first introduced to you as, ‘The third silent member of Cemetery Club’ in Sheldon’s prior post Capturing the Moment. I am Nick, Sheldon’s cousin, graveyard lover, photography enthusiast and not so silent after all. … Continue reading

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Welcome, Reader!

This is my blog detailing the Victorian Valhallas of our ancestors and forebears.  I’ve long been interested in the Victorian attitude to death and how in many ways, it dictated their attitude to life.  Certainly from my family history, my Great Grandmother was one … Continue reading

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