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Big Fat Goths Explore Arnos Vale

‘It seems that there is a rise in tombstone tourism’ started the article. Within the past month or so, awareness to cemeteries as places to visit in the capacity of a social/educational form rather than as a place of remembrance has … Continue reading

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Your Digital Legacy

by Sheldon Although a third of British adults (32%) think about dying and death at least once a week, 72% of the public believe that people in Britain are uncomfortable discussing dying, death and bereavement. Hopefully, this statistic will be … Continue reading

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Libraries, Castles & Fear of the Dark: What I’ve Mostly Been Doing This Week

By Christina It’s been a busy week for both Sheldon and myself. We haven’t had time to catch up properly, and aside from a mistakenly sent Whatsapp message from Sheldon to me wishing me well on my upcoming trip to … Continue reading

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The Christina Owen Interview

by Sheldon A few weeks back, Christina took the novel idea of approaching me to see what it was that made me so interested in death, remembrance and my interest in the lost worlds where greats such as Karl Marx … Continue reading

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Flowers Die and Hair Grows

by Christina Let’s start today with some fun facts that will become relevant further on. First of all, did you know that the practice of putting flowers on graves was used in Ancient Rome in order to give the spirits … Continue reading

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The Death of Rock and Roll – And Our Youth

by Christina There’s a device used in soap operas, designed to bring characters together and give the audience a recognizable meeting place, a place they know they can always find these fictional people they follow. This device probably has a … Continue reading

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After You’d Gone.

by Christina What do you imagine it will say on your grave stone when you die? Do you imagine it? Do you even entertain the possibility of death, or do you like to pretend it isn’t creeping closer and closer … Continue reading

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