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On Horse Guard’s Parade

by Sheldon The weather was ‘dull, but fine’ on the morning of Saturday 26th October, 1926. It was quite a sight to see. We’re familiar with Horse Guards Parade being the centre of military parades, even hosting the Beach Volleyball … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Montague Fowler, Part Four

by Sheldon There was no denying it: it was soaking wet and the rain was penetrating our clothing, giving us an uncomfortable chill. It was overcast, boggy and damp. I, along with Christina, have visited many cemeteries before but on … Continue reading

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Early Victorian Coffins and Coffin Furniture

Today, I invited Twitter follower Sarah Hoile to contribute a post. Sarah has just completed the MA Artefact Studies at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL: her dissertation analysed ‘Coffin Furniture in London c.1700-1850: the establishment of tradition in the material culture of the … Continue reading

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Goose and Crow

by Stephen Almost as quickly as the trees had earned their green, must they now cast their leaves autumnal yellow. Indeed the end of October is upon us, and as contributor of today’s post it is my privilege to wish … Continue reading

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The Budget That Extends to the Dearly Departed

by Sheldon One of the great things of living in the UK is our freedom to know that largely, if we want something, its usually there to provide enjoyment or a service that we need. The NHS is a particularly … Continue reading

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The South Metropolitan Cemetery

by Sheldon As we scoured which Cemetery we should next visit on our checklist, there was one which immediately caught our attention. It boasted ‘the finest collection of sepulchral monuments in London‘ – such a claim deserved further investigation: so … Continue reading

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Cemetery Club Podcast 1: Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

by Sheldon And now for something slightly different. One of the things me and Christina have discussed is to try various platforms to reach out to our (happily) growing audience. Our recent visit to Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park was a … Continue reading

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