A Journey to Nunhead

by Sheldon As promised last week, my post this sunny and hot Monday will be a more in-depth look at Nunhead.  It was the second Cemetery to be opened by the London Cemetery Company, as an attempt to recreate the success they’d had with Highgate.  The opening of the Cemetery utilised a recently passed bill […]

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The Cemetery of All Saints

by Sheldon And now we move on to the second Magnificent Seven Cemetery to be featured in this blog: Nunhead.  Nunhead was something of a reunion for the Cemetery Club – Christina was busy for a while whizzing around in ambulances, whilst I was busy gardening and drinking a dazzling array of ale.  Our schedules […]

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The Cyclists Who Ride No More

Ghost bikes are increasingly haunting our towns and cities. Poignant reminders of the dangers of our modern busy roads harken back to an earlier time where tokens of remembrance and affection pay tribute to a life stopped far too early.  Their affection for death symbols and rituals and even dress codes for certain periods of […]

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The Skateboard Graveyard

This Thursday’s post is graciously contributed by designer and friend of the Cemetery Club, Stephen Roberts. If I may, I’d like to throw a kink in the regular posting to explore a different kind of cemetery, one of a more impromptu nature. It’s only natural when talking of improvised cemeteries to conjure up lurid images of the […]

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Patti Smith Soundbite

by Christina From time to time we’ll post clippings and extracts we’ve found that have nothing to do with our forays into Victorian graveyard life, but that are related to the point and premise of Cemetery Club. What follows is an extract from a recent Simon Hattenstone interview with Patti Smith, published in the Guardian […]

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