Gruesome – Or History Made Graphic?

Why go traipsing around a cemetery? Well, it’s no different from going to a museum or an art gallery. So when I come across historical accounts written by cemetery enthusiasts, I have to share their words as I would my own. The following article originally appeared in the Londonderry Sentinel on  Saturday 1st December, 1956. Its author […]

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Amazing News for Abney Park

In news that makes my heart swell, the lovely people over at Abney Park cemetery have just received news that they’re a step closer to being awarded £5 million in lottery funding. £315,000 has already been awarded so plans can be further developed. According to the press release: “The bid was submitted by the Council […]

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What A Year It’s Been

by Sheldon (and Christina…..a little bit) And so we close another year of intrepid Cemetery exploration. It’s been a busy year which has seen a lot of positive things happen – myself becoming a qualified tour guide and Christina running a Craft fair as well as the marathon itself. What’s both struck us is the response […]

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Outrage! A Disturbing Find

I left the comfortable surroundings of London and ventured up north to Newcastle. Newcastle is a place I knew very little about, and what I did know was largely influenced from Auf Weidersehen Pet, which my father watched as I was growing up from battered old VHS recordings. I’d also recently seen a very moving […]

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A Pause for Breath

Cemetery Club shall be having a hiatus while Christina and Sheldon focus on life rather than death(!) In the meantime, why not browse a few of our favourite articles?  The Mystery of Montague Fowler Grand Theft Gravestone Ghostsigns, Gravestones and the Painted History On Our Walls It Waits For You Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park – Pizza, Ants […]

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The Open Air Cathedral

by Sheldon Out of all the Magnificent Seven cemeteries we’ve visited, there is one that beckons to us time and time again. It’s the Cemetery that started our journey into the Victorian underworld and sparked our interest into the past. A cemetery that has had remarkably mixed fortunes over its existence, from being founded as […]

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The South Metropolitan Cemetery

by Sheldon As we scoured which Cemetery we should next visit on our checklist, there was one which immediately caught our attention. It boasted ‘the finest collection of sepulchral monuments in London‘ – such a claim deserved further investigation: so off we drove to West Norwood Cemetery in Lambeth, to see the second of the […]

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So It begins: Kensal Green

Myself and Christina had already completed four visits out of the seven cemeteries by the time we came to Kensal Green. It was the one we’d actually intended to visit after our initial trip to Highgate, but for various reasons, it slipped down the list.  However, almost thirteen months after we were due to go, […]

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