by Sheldon Welcome, reader! You’ve probably just seen us on Inside Out taking presenter Natalie Graham around the regions graveyards and meeting a few of the characters buried within them. Brighton Extra Mural Cemetery could very easily be that other great nationally famous Cemetery; Karl Marx’s last resting place – Highgate; but in my opinion, […]

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Scar of the Somme

One hundred years ago tomorrow, a terrible event happened that would change the face of British warfare, forever robbing the lives of men and boys, not to mention sons, daughters, nieces and nephews who would never get the chance to be born. This week, we invite Westminster Guide Charlie Foreman of London War Walks  to give […]

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The Men in Scarlet

Mention the name ‘Chelsea’ and two things spring to mind; the iconic flower show or the Pensioners who reside in a fine building on the River Thames. Their  distinctive red coats and tricorn hats are an iconic part of British culture and Pensioners are often seen sorting their uniform when out and about. In a […]

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Our First Day Out in London

by Christina The day I met Sheldon, I thought he was a bit of a weirdo. By the next day, I thought he was one of the coolest people ever to have crossed my path. We were temping at HMV in Bromley and during busy times he would serve each customer using a different accent […]

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What A Year It’s Been

by Sheldon (and Christina…..a little bit) And so we close another year of intrepid Cemetery exploration. It’s been a busy year which has seen a lot of positive things happen – myself becoming a qualified tour guide and Christina running a Craft fair as well as the marathon itself. What’s both struck us is the response […]

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