The Greatest Cemetery of All

  In London you’re never too far from a Cemetery.  Mausolea, monuments and headstones galore. Brompton was the first of the Magnificent Seven that I had the pleasure to visit (and only then in response to the horror evident on Sheldon’s face when he realised I’d visited none thus far). Surprised as I was at […]

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Remembering the Heygate Estate

by Christina Did you know that the word ‘cemetery’ comes from a Greek word meaning ‘sleeping place’? Today I’m going to write about a different type of cemetery. Not a traditional one – there are no mausoleums or gravestones here – but this is a place where a 3000 strong community used to exist, and […]

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A Journey to Nunhead

by Sheldon As promised last week, my post this sunny and hot Monday will be a more in-depth look at Nunhead.  It was the second Cemetery to be opened by the London Cemetery Company, as an attempt to recreate the success they’d had with Highgate.  The opening of the Cemetery utilised a recently passed bill […]

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Paradise By Way of Kensal Green

Kensal Green was the first of the Magnificent Seven to open and set the template on how to open a beautiful, peaceful setting to deal with the ever growing population of dead Londoners. The opening in 1833 was preceded by years of staunch debate and ideas on how to improve burial and general sanitation.  The […]

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Patti Smith Soundbite

by Christina From time to time we’ll post clippings and extracts we’ve found that have nothing to do with our forays into Victorian graveyard life, but that are related to the point and premise of Cemetery Club. What follows is an extract from a recent Simon Hattenstone interview with Patti Smith, published in the Guardian […]

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