Who Was Lady Marie?

Lady Marie. She’s long been a fascination because…well, because where she was laid to rest just simply doesn’t add up. Tucked into a former council estate that just touches on the woodland part of Bromley, is St. Luke’s Cemetery. Originally  built to provide a resting place for the parishioners of the church with which the […]

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Life Overlooking Death

Imagine being in hospital and glancing out of the window. The first thing you see is a cemetery.  Beautiful juxtaposition or unfortunate irony? Behind Charing Cross Hospital in Hammersmith  is the oasis of Margravine Cemetery; now commonly used as a cut -through between the hospital and Barons Court station.  Where once orchards and market gardens […]

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Two Cemeteries: One Purpose

“Enough of the Victoriana!” I thought. I was growing increasingly aware that my writings for the blog were taking me to the grand, decaying remains of death celebration at its peak and largely ignoring the newer places of rest which had opened in successive years: places where a fair number of us will probably end […]

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The Crystal Palace

By Christina On the night of 30th November 1936, thousands of people gathered around Upper Norwood in south London to watch an iron and plate glass building known as The Crystal Palace burn to the ground. Many came because they had seen a strange orange glow in the sky, and they brought their families and […]

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Shuffle Off This Mortal Coil

by Sheldon What does the first Labour Mayor of Poplar, the bloke who built the Cutty Sark and the supplier of animals to P. T. Barnum have in common? Following the successful debut of our Brompton tour, I am pleased to announce I shall be delivering a tour of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park as part […]

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So, Where Were We?

by Sheldon Apologies to all Cemetery Club aficionados for the unexpected hiatus – the demands of the living consumed our passion for the dead (I had my final tour guiding assessment and Christina had the SE20 Craft Fair and Marathon to run). We’re back now, on what is just a few days after our anniversary! […]

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