Throughout the Sodden Streets

When it’s miserable outside, some of our trustiest friends end up as casualties as they do their best to keep us dry. Extraordinary gales finish off many of the weak or the elderly. Poignantly, they lie abandoned in the streets, many different generations left to decay amongst the slush of street life. I am of […]

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Let’s See How the Arrow Flies

by Sheldon I received some very good news a few weeks back. As a younger man I often worried.  Worried for the future, worried for my friends, worried about taking risks and chances. It’s this train of thinking that made me one of the few people in my sixth form not to continue on towards […]

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The Greatest Cemetery of All

  In London you’re never too far from a Cemetery.  Mausolea, monuments and headstones galore. Brompton was the first of the Magnificent Seven that I had the pleasure to visit (and only then in response to the horror evident on Sheldon’s face when he realised I’d visited none thus far). Surprised as I was at […]

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The Cyclists Who Ride No More

Ghost bikes are increasingly haunting our towns and cities. Poignant reminders of the dangers of our modern busy roads harken back to an earlier time where tokens of remembrance and affection pay tribute to a life stopped far too early.  Their affection for death symbols and rituals and even dress codes for certain periods of […]

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The Skateboard Graveyard

This Thursday’s post is graciously contributed by designer and friend of the Cemetery Club, Stephen Roberts. If I may, I’d like to throw a kink in the regular posting to explore a different kind of cemetery, one of a more impromptu nature. It’s only natural when talking of improvised cemeteries to conjure up lurid images of the […]

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