The Lost Boys

by Sheldon One of my passions as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, is singing. I’ve been singing in a choir for two years now, which is a feat in itself, as after my voice broke at the age of fourteen I thought I’d never be able to sing again. In my boyhood I spent […]

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When I Was Man Alive

One of the most enjoyable things I do and love is singing. I’ve been in a few choirs and sung in Mozart’s and Verdi’s Requiems, which have been eye-opening: to think in my youth I was happy listening to Christina Milian and Jojo. It’s opened up new avenues of music which I wouldn’t have come […]

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The Skateboard Graveyard

This Thursday’s post is graciously contributed by designer and friend of the Cemetery Club,¬†Stephen Roberts. If I may, I’d like to throw a kink in the regular posting to explore a different kind of¬†cemetery, one of a more impromptu nature. It’s only natural when talking of improvised cemeteries to conjure up lurid images of the […]

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