Sheldon K. Goodman is a qualified City of Westminster Guide who works in HR for his day job:  by night his passion is the past, our changing landscape and what went before us. Sheldon regularly guides in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park and is also one of the creators and official guides that leads the yearly Pride in London Walk around Saucy Soho. 

Christina Owen co-founded the Cemetery Club. She always has about 10 cameras swinging around her neck, and documents each cemetery visit using mainly her phone. A Paramedic by day (and sometimes by night), she is interested in not only Victorian history, but also the more recent past, and adds a different and often quirky perspective to Cemetery Club. Christina has since opened her own site, The Cemetery Diaries.

Sam Perrin works in the entertainment industry by day but in her free time is a historical tour guide with 14 years’ experience. Having spent 12 years guiding at Highgate Cemetery, Sam now takes tours of Tower Hamlets Cemetery. Her areas of focus are quirky characters, Victorian mourning customs and social history, particularly social history pertaining to London’s dark underbelly. A historical blogger and independent researcher whose biographies have featured in several newspapers, Sam recently appeared alongside Sheldon on the BBC’s Inside Out (South East) and is in the process of writing her first full length historical biography.

Caroline Swan has been living and working in London since 2011. Caroline started studying for a doctorate at Birkbeck, University of London in 2015 – with research focussing on the development of civic pride, local identities and democracy in London’s boroughs between 1889 and 1939. Caroline also authors the popular Flickering Lamps blog.

Nick Richards is a photographer and Sheldon’s cousin. Specialising in capturing the Square Mile with his trusty Nikon D3100, he is drawn to history and architecture, with a very popular Flickr group dedicated to strong, stand-out imagery.

4 Responses to Contributors

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  2. Loved this! I am one of the Friends of Nunhead Cemetery’s tour guides and there’a lot to say about Nunhead – even we haven’t got anyone as famous as Karl Marx! Don;t forget out Open Day on 21/5/16 11-5 – free admission.

  3. We also have Frederick Rogers – the chap who instituted old age pensions – fame enough for any man.

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