Who Was Lady Marie?

Lady Marie. She’s long been a fascination because…well, because where she was laid to rest just simply doesn’t add up. Tucked into a former council estate that just touches on the woodland part of Bromley, is St. Luke’s Cemetery. Originally  built to provide a resting place for the parishioners of the church with which the […]

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The Lost Village of the East End

Hard to imagine this part of the East End being a queer sanctuary and a once idyllic rural retreat… I recently gave a walking tour around old Bromley-By-Bow on behalf of my good friends at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park and the Women’s Environmentalist Network. It’s an area I’m vaguely familiar with, as my old local […]

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A New Cemetery

by Ian So, you’ve run out of space in your cemetery: what do you do? Devotees of Cemetery Club will recall Sheldon, Christina and other describing how the Magnificent Seven were forced to close to new internments as demand outstripped supply. The living may be forced to bury their dead in far-flung places not of […]

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A Victorian Clerk Goes Walkies

In 1846, a young man travelled from the Richmond Buildings in Soho to Bromley Parish church to have a ‘look about the town and afterwards the churchyard, and took down a few inscriptions most remarkable‘. The man in question was a diarist called Nathaniel Bryceson, a 19 year old clerk at Lea’s Coal Wharf, Pimlico. Bryceson […]

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