Put On Your Red Shoes and Dance The Blues – A Bowie Tribute.

by Sheldon & Christina (Written yesterday, on 11/01/2016, after meeting at the Three Tuns pub, now Zizzi’s Beckenham, where Bowie started his musical career) Sheldon It was the news, first thing on Monday morning, when the context of Blackstar clicked into place as the 28th and final entry into Bowie’s catalogue. Upon its release, the jarring, stark, melancholy album of […]

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Flowers Die and Hair Grows

by Christina Let’s start today with some fun facts that will become relevant further on. First of all, did you know that the practice of putting flowers on graves was used in Ancient Rome in order to give the spirits a comforting and decorative environment in which to roam about? (Although the practice of laying […]

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Beacon of the South West

Today’s post has been written by Darmon Richter, a freelance musician, photographer and writer. Born in England but now based in Bulgaria, he writes The Bohemian Blog, an alternative travel site that also features articles on urban decay. Here he writes of Bristol’s answer to revamping its overcrowded burial grounds: Arnos Vale Cemetery.¬† Often referred […]

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