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Ain’t It Grand To Be Bloomin’ Well Dead – Cemetery on Film

‘Some people there were praying for me soul I said, ‘It’s the first time I’ve been off the dole!’ Look at the mourners, bloomin’ well sozzled Ain’t it grand, to be bloomin’ well dead!’ One of the most striking things … Continue reading

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The Magnificent Seven: A Photographic Guide

By Christina  Samuel Johnson once said ‘when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life‘. Yawn. We’ve all had that quote shoved down our throats at some point. Yes yes, London is never boring, etc etc. However, … Continue reading

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If Only They’d Ended Up There

by Sheldon One of the fascinating things I’ve found in researching blog posts for Cemetery Club is where people ended up being buried. In a cemetery, obviously, because where else would they be- but did you know some of our … Continue reading

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Westminster Meets Kensal Green – My First Tourguiding Experience

by Christina It is a Saturday morning at the end of June, it is about a million degrees, and Kensal Green Cemetery looks green and alive. I am standing in front of the gravestone of Dickensian author Wilkie Collins, trying … Continue reading

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The London Month of the Dead 2014

by Sheldon October! Traditionally the month of ghosts and ghouls, as the veil between the living and the dead becomes that little bit thinner. Naturally cemeteries around this time take on a slightly more spectral appearance as the weather shifts … Continue reading

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Little Cemetery Observations – a Photo Blog

by Christina My friend Steph is a photographer. She moved to London from New York state in January 2007 and her first flat here was in Kensal Green. One of the first places I remember her taking photographs of was … Continue reading

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It Waits For You

by Sheldon “There is one place you must never go. One place in space and time you must never find yourself…my grave” The Doctor, ‘The Name of the Doctor’ As is customary in my own family, and in many others … Continue reading

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