A Journey to Nunhead

by Sheldon As promised last week, my post this sunny and hot Monday will be a more in-depth look at Nunhead.  It was the second Cemetery to be opened by the London Cemetery Company, as an attempt to recreate the success they’d had with Highgate.  The opening of the Cemetery utilised a recently passed bill […]

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Peering Into The Past

Sheldon likes to peer into Mausoleums on our Cemetery Club visits. There isn’t always much to see but I have grown fond of watching him – a modern day Victorian – peer into the past this way, and into the hidden nooks and crevices that these Magnificent Seven cemeteries have to offer. Photographs by Christina […]

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Paradise By Way of Kensal Green

Kensal Green was the first of the Magnificent Seven to open and set the template on how to open a beautiful, peaceful setting to deal with the ever growing population of dead Londoners. The opening in 1833 was preceded by years of staunch debate and ideas on how to improve burial and general sanitation.  The […]

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So It begins: Kensal Green

Myself and Christina had already completed four visits out of the seven cemeteries by the time we came to Kensal Green. It was the one we’d actually intended to visit after our initial trip to Highgate, but for various reasons, it slipped down the list.  However, almost thirteen months after we were due to go, […]

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