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Our Next Tour is Live!

by Sheldon Hello everyone! Here at the Cemetery Club mausoleum we’ve been busy sorting out events for the summer and we’re pleased to announce our next tour will be brand spanking new and will be around Hampstead Cemetery! It’s a … Continue reading

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Shuffle Festival 2016

by Sheldon Death usually depresses the hell out of people and 2016 seems to be doing a good enough job of that already – from the loss of icon after icon and Brexit; this year is one to be remembered. But … Continue reading

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Put On Your Red Shoes and Dance The Blues – A Bowie Tribute.

by Sheldon & Christina (Written yesterday, on 11/01/2016, after meeting at the Three Tuns pub, now Zizzi’s Beckenham, where Bowie started his musical career) Sheldon It was the news, first thing on Monday morning, when the context of Blackstar clicked into place as the … Continue reading

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The Ghosts of Hammersmith Palais

by Caroline Still visible from the platforms of the Hammersmith & City line terminus at Hammersmith is the last, sad remnant of what was once one of West London’s most popular entertainment venues. First opened in 1919, the Hammersmith Palais … Continue reading

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Shuffle Off This Mortal Coil

by Sheldon What does the first Labour Mayor of Poplar, the bloke who built the Cutty Sark and the supplier of animals to P. T. Barnum have in common? Following the successful debut of our Brompton tour, I am pleased … Continue reading

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The Strangest of Resting Places

A once household name who’s works were considered as mighty as those written by Handel, his catalogue is now little known. This man overcame deplorable racism and utilised a talent that had him admired by the likes of Gilbert, Stanford and … Continue reading

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When I Was Man Alive

by Sheldon One of the most enjoyable things I do and love is singing.  I’ve been in a few choirs and sung in Mozart’s and Verdi’s Requiems, which have been eye-opening: to think in my youth I was happy listening … Continue reading

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