The Roman Dead

It all began in Southwark. The remarkable discovery of a stone sarcophagus in Lant Street, Southwark last year spurred the Museum of London to collate forty years of work into one exhibition. How did Roman London commemorate death and what can we learn from what they’ve left behind? Exhibition curators Jackie Kiely, Rebecca Redfern and […]

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The War On the Hill

by Sheldon & Steve  A battle has been quietly raging in Southwark for the last few years. My last visit to the borough culminated in a fascinating riverside tour led by the man who wrote the theme song to the children’s TV show Rainbow. On this visit however, made on an autumnal day a week […]

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Goose and Crow

by Stephen Almost as quickly as the trees had earned their green, must they now cast their leaves autumnal yellow. Indeed the end of October is upon us, and as contributor of today’s post it is my privilege to wish all of our readers a very Happy Halloween! With this special time of year comes […]

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