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The Lost Restaurants of London

Log out of TripAdvisor and exit the OpenTable app – we step back 100 years and reveal that there was more to life than Nando’s and GBK Going out in London and you’re usually confronted with the challenge of where you should … Continue reading

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Soul Cakes

by SamFollowing our “All Hallows Eve by Lamplight” tours of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park on Saturday evening, we’ve had a couple of requests for the Soul Cakes that we gave out during the tour.  Knocking on doors for soul cakes was the precursor … Continue reading

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Do Pokémon Go and Cemeteries Mix? Let’s Find Out…

by Christina  Unless you’ve been living under the sofa, you’ll have heard talk of the latest craze – a smartphone game in which you wander the real world with your eyes glued to your phone screen as you hunt around … Continue reading

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We Went On A Walk Around Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park in a Rainstorm…You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next!

by Christina I would apologise for the ‘clickbait’ title but I really like it. If you clicked on it purely to find out what happened when me and my mum got caught in a downpour at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park … Continue reading

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Reasons To Visit Nunhead Cemetery

If you’re looking for a grand Victorian era cemetery in London, the guidebooks will direct you to Brompton or Highgate. But Nunhead? Where even IS it? Here’s why it’s worth finding out… by Christina My cemetery books are keen to … Continue reading

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The Life and Loves of a Victorian Clerk

By Sheldon The City of London is known for many things. For centuries it has been the epicentre of trade, commerce and finance. To consider that events such as the Great Fire of London happened here are remembered largely due … Continue reading

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A Factfile for a Taphophile: Grizzly Victorian Fun Facts Part 1

by Christina I learned a new word this week. My friend Patrick taught it to me. Taphophile means ‘someone who is interested in gravestones, funerals, epitaphs and cemeteries’ and I think that describes us here at Cemetery Club quite well. … Continue reading

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