The Crystal Palace

By Christina On the night of 30th November 1936, thousands of people gathered around Upper Norwood in south London to watch an iron and plate glass building known as The Crystal Palace burn to the ground. Many came because they had seen a strange orange glow in the sky, and they brought their families and […]

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The Lost Boys

by Sheldon One of my passions as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, is singing. I’ve been singing in a choir for two years now, which is a feat in itself, as after my voice broke at the age of fourteen I thought I’d never be able to sing again. In my boyhood I spent […]

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Peering Into The Past

Sheldon likes to peer into Mausoleums on our Cemetery Club visits. There isn’t always much to see but I have grown fond of watching him – a modern day Victorian – peer into the past this way, and into the hidden nooks and crevices that these Magnificent Seven cemeteries have to offer. Photographs by Christina […]

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The Mystery of Montague Fowler

Monday means it’s my time to write a post, and as I’ve been christened ‘history buff and modern day Tony Robinson’ by Christina (I hope she allows my embellishment of the role she bestowed upon me in the previous post), I thought it’d be interesting to occasionally venture off-topic and write about a little bit of detective […]

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