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A Story of Selflessness in the Shadow of war

By Sheldon As we pause and remember the sacrifices made all those years ago, here’s a true story that I often tell as part of my Tower Hamlets Cemetery tour. This story of heroism from a legend on the Battlefield … Continue reading

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Shuffle Festival 2016

by Sheldon Death usually depresses the hell out of people and 2016 seems to be doing a good enough job of that already – from the loss of icon after icon and Brexit; this year is one to be remembered. But … Continue reading

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‘A Quiet, Beautiful Slope About a Mile On The Southern Side of Crystal Palace’ – Beckenham Crematorium and Cemetery

by Christina On a sunny day in May, I went for a walk and photo outing. Beckenham Crematorium and Cemetery, located in the London Borough of Bromley, was an intrinsic part of my childhood, and is probably the reason that … Continue reading

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Look Forward, Feel Free, Rejoice in Life, Cherish the Children, Guard My Memory

by Christina The title of this post is taken from a letter written by Winston Churchill in July 1915 and addressed to his wife. He sealed the letter in an envelope and marked it ‘To be sent to Mrs Churchill … Continue reading

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Remembering Land and Sea on Tower Hill

by Christina I decided that a month dedicated to World War One remembrance would not be complete without a trip to the Tower of London to view the incredible Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red progressive exhibit that’s down … Continue reading

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A Selection of World War One Words and Pictures

by Christina We’ve been thinking a lot about World War One this month, and looking at all the different ways there are to remember and commemorate. Sheldon has looked at the lives of some notable people that lived, worked and … Continue reading

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Propaganda Posters of WW1

by Christina Please click on all the links as you read through this post – there are hundreds more World War 1 propaganda posters to look at.  When Britain went to war in 1914, it only had a small, professional … Continue reading

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