Talks & Online Events


As well as staging and managing tours, I am also an engaging public speaker who has given talks at venues such as The National Archives, Museums Showoff, The Institute of Cancer Research and the Digital Legacy Conference on a number of topics, including:

Cemeteries vs Social Media (Which is the True Memorial?)

Cemeteries, HUH, What Are They Good For (Quite A Lot, Actually)

Was he or wasn’t he? The sexuality of Sir Isaac Newton

MUSIC HALL! Premier Victorian Entertainment

Scheduled Talks:

Thursday 5th November 2020 @ 1pm (through the Churches Conservation Trust)

For the dead who could afford a grave marker, the information chiseled or inscribed on them about the lives that lay beneath is often limited. Their name, birth, death, a short passage of poetry or a biblical except – and that’s it. What about their favourite piece of music? What was their favourite colour? Where did they travel to? What did they achieve? This is the real information we yearn for as we reacquaint ourselves with the dead. But where do you start to find this information out? And what if they don’t have a headstone? How do we deal with the contentious histories often linked to those who’ve passed?

With the growing popularity of cemeteries as a quieter, more socially-distanced places to take time to reflect and learn more about our social history, this talk aims to help you discover their resource as a place of learning as well as mourning and how to recover a life long gone, with the pros and cons of this historical resurrection.

This event is free and will be viewable over Facebook.

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