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Ever peered behind the iron gates of an old Cemetery and wanted to find out more? Who’s buried there? What did they do with their lives? 


Led by Sheldon K. Goodman, a qualified City of Westminster Tour Guide, and Sam Perrin, between them they have guided around Highgate, Brompton, Tower Hamlets and Abney Park – allow yourself to be introduced to these Libraries of the Dead by guides with 17 years of cemetery experience! These tours are aimed for the general public, although private tours can be designed upon request.


27/10/2018, 29/10/2018 & Halloween Stories From the Stones: The Long Gone Eastenders of Tower Hamlets Cemetery 


“The life-stories were well chosen, a good mix of sad, funny and plain weird. It was a fine example of public engagement.” @WorldOfWatters

‘The tour is so well researched and intriguing – Sam and Sheldon give gravitas to every story, talking about every woman and every man with honesty and respect. The Cemetery Club tours are a public service!’ – @DrCarpineti

‘Sam and Sheldon were able to tell us interesting life stories of many of the notable people buried there and despite it being such a large group, kept us all enthralled. A very good tour that I would highly recommend.’ @LeighFStanford

“I have always loved being told stories, and discovering stories to share with others – and Sheldon is an excellent storyteller. As we followed Sheldon through the woodland, skipping between decades, it felt like we were travelling through time.” @RBel2


6 thoughts on “Tours & Events

  1. Just been on the walk around Tower Hamlets Cemetery. Fascinating and entertaining. Sheldon and Sam were great guides. Thank you

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