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I’m an accredited City of Westminster Tourist Guide and my tours and events are aimed at the general public, although private tours can be designed upon request.

I pride myself on creating and delivering accessible and entertaining experiences that educate and inspire; I have created large scale public engagements for The Royal Parks and National Archives.

Death in the British Museum

Date: Saturday 25th April 2020

Place: The British Museum, Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3DG

Many of the objects in London’s best known museum were once owned, cherished and loved by people who are no longer here. Fascinating items that give us a glimpse into some remarkable points in history. What can a mummy say about a person? Why did a Victorian shipping magnate look to Xanthos to get inspiration for his tomb? Why was Napoleon’s face immortalised in plaster just after death?!

I will take you around the British Museum and show you objects of power and wonder from our past, as well as looking at the controversial history some objects have attached to them in context of empire and decolonisation.

Graves in the Wood: The Abandoned Beauty of Barnes Cemetery 

Dates: Saturday 11th April 2020 & Saturday 19th September 2020 at 1:30pm

Place: Barnes Cemetery, Rocks Lane, London, SW13 0BY

Barnes cemetery is a sylvan sanctuary that the village nearby (and London generally) has largely forgotten. You’ll find people such as the Edwardian Marilyn Manson, a maverick life-gambling doctor, a lady whose murder scandalised civilised society and an artist who painted images that would have been the desktop background on every Victorian’s laptop (had they had them back then). Join me to discover a real gem of London’s heritage and personally meet some long-gone Londoners in this beautiful woodland on Barnes Common – musical finale included!


‘The hour and a half went very quickly – Sheldon is a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and entertaining guide and it was a pleasure to accompany him around the cemetery.’ David Bingham, The London Dead 

‘The life-stories were well chosen, a good mix of sad, funny and plain weird. It was a fine example of public engagement.’ @WorldOfWatters

‘We just did the Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park tour and found it extremely interesting. Sheldon was an excellent guide and provided many facts about the cemetery and the people buried there.’ Brian M, Tripadvisor

‘The tour is so well researched and intriguing – Sheldon give gravitas to every story, talking about every woman and every man with honesty and respect. The Cemetery Club tours are a public service!’ – @DrCarpineti

‘Sheldon was able to tell us interesting life stories of many of the notable people buried there and despite it being such a large group, kept us all enthralled. A very good tour that I would highly recommend.’ @LeighFStanford

“I have always loved being told stories, and discovering stories to share with others – and Sheldon is an excellent storyteller. As we followed Sheldon through the woodland, skipping between decades, it felt like we were travelling through time.” @RBel2

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9 thoughts on “Tours & Events

  1. Just been on the walk around Tower Hamlets Cemetery. Fascinating and entertaining. Sheldon and Sam were great guides. Thank you

  2. Just been on ‘The Wonder Women of Hampstead Cemetary’ tour. A great afternoon! Interesting, informative and sometimes plain astonishing, Sheldon really paints such vivid pictures of their lives. He had such passion and humanity. Highly Recommended. Can’t wait to do another tour.

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