Virtual Tours

Here are a selection of online talks and videos I’ve presented and produced on a variety of themes, from online vignettes around various cemeteries to talks commissioned to further public history in heritage spaces.

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Further Tales from the Catacombs of Brompton Cemetery

A follow up to my short video series detailing the lives in a part of Brompton Cemetery that’s historically been shut since 1890: here six lives, ranging from a mixed-race soldier to an antiquarian Duchess who graffitied a historical monument in Ireland, are resurrected as I received exclusive access to the underground catacombs in Kesnington and Chelsea.

Tales from the Catacombs

I was commissioned by The Royal Parks to create a five-part video series about the catacombs of Brompton Cemetery: a place of rest last used in 1915.

Beckenham Cemetery (8 part series)

As a result of the Covid-19 restrictions in March, a planned tour around Beckenham Cemetery & Crematorium became digital. Here I explore a pretty suburban cemetery and meet people such as scientists, assassins and hoteliers whilst making use of the tranquility a cemetery .

Queens Road Cemetery, Croydon (5 part series)

Queen’s Road cemetery in Croydon is cut off from the main centre of croydon, but this wasn’t always the case. Adjacent to the borough workhouse, this was, for a time, the only municipal cemetery for the borough and it pained me to see that, unlike its other late Victorian contemporaries, much of its history had been cleared away. Here I find murder mysteries, theatrical entrepreneurs and icons of the British Museum.

Cemetery Shorts

A series of stories from a variety of cemeteries. The Human Almanac, The Diary of Nathaniel Bryceson, aged 19½ and a tragedy in Stroud workhouse…

Hampstead Cemetery

Hampstead Cemetery is one of my favourites: opened in response to the realisation that the ‘Magnificent Seven’ ring of cemeteries around London were not enough to deal with London’s dead, much like Beckenham and Queen’s Road, Croydon . Here I take Charlotte from A Peace in London around a few of my favourite graves.

8 thoughts on “Virtual Tours

  1. Just been on ‘The Wonder Women of Hampstead Cemetary’ tour. A great afternoon! Interesting, informative and sometimes plain astonishing, Sheldon really paints such vivid pictures of their lives. He had such passion and humanity. Highly Recommended. Can’t wait to do another tour.

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